Increased safety: The Load Test feature allows the operator to run a test to confirm whether the magnet will lift the tested load safely. Easier operation: The more ergonomic switch lever doesn’t slip, and its higher position makes the magnet fit perfectly into H- or U-shaped profiles. As a truly revolutionary lifting magnet, the new REVOLIFT has many other benefits.

Our NEO lifting magnet has been a staple of our portfolio for over 20 years — but we never take things for granted at Walmag! We’re always improving and perfecting our products, looking for innovative ways to make our customers’ lives easier. That’s how our new generation of lifting magnets has come to life.

Higher quality, higher security, modern technology and higher resilience. All these descriptions fit our REVOLIFT lifting magnet perfectly. A permanent magnet, suitable for facilities where the load temperature doesn’t reach over 80 oC, the REVOLIFT is perfect for lifting flat profiles up to 2 tons, or round profiles and workpieces up to a ton.

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New Generation of Lifting Magnets: Benefits of REVOLIFT

The Load Test Feature

Load Test is a testing mode of sorts for the magnet. It allows the operator to check the magnet’s lifting capacity before setting to work. This function comes in handy when lifting a load atypical in shape or dimensions, or a load whose composition you’re not 100% sure of.

To activate the Load Test, simply shift the switch lever to the TEST position. A lock symbol protrudes from the body of the magnet to confirm the magnet is indeed in the testing mode. The tested REVOLIFT magnet operates at just a third of its nominal lifting capacity. To perform the test, lift the tested load slightly and make sure it stays on, then shift the switch lever to the ON position and resume work as usual. You have just confirmed the magnet safely lifts the load when operating at just 33% — it’s absolutely safe to use it at its 100% capacity.

Switch Lever in Higher Position

We listened to our customers’ feedback! When working with H- and U-shaped profiles, it’s sometimes difficult to fit the magnet inside the profile because the switch lever gets in the way. Or the other way round — operating the lever becomes complicated because the lifted load is in the way.

Having taken this feedback into account, we’ve placed the switch lever slightly higher on our REVOLIFT. Profiles of H and U shapes therefore fit perfectly onto the magnet without you struggling to find the optimal position when placing the load on the magnet.

Improved Shape and Material of the Switch Lever

Shifting the lever from ON to OFF position and vice versa often requires a lot of physical strength when lifting heavy loads. Turning a permanent magnet on and off actually means physically moving the magnets inside the magnet’s construction — no power assists you when switching the magnet on and off (as opposed to electropermanent magnets). That’s the reason why high-capacity permanent lifting magnets don’t exist — no one would be able to switch them on.

For our REVOLIFT, we came up with an improved switch lever in a more ergonomic shape, wider at the end so your hand doesn’t slip that easily. Contrary to plastic handles of cheaper lifting magnets, the REVOLIFT’s switch lever is made of steel with an aluminium end. Both materials last much longer than plastic.

Smart NFC Chip

Merging safety and modern technology, the new REVOLIFT comes equipped with a smart NFC chip. Anyone can check the magnet’s lifting capacity any time — simply hold your phone near the chip to display the magnet’s safety certificate directly on your screen. The chip also contains other specifications of the magnet, including the numbers it reached during safety tests and comprehensive documentation on its revision tests.

QR Code on the Tags

To make the new REVOLIFT even more user-friendly, we’ve put a QR code on its tags — scanning the code takes you to the user manual. In line with our Smart & Safe motto, this feature makes safety instructions readily available for anyone.

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Updated and Detailed Safety Instructions

To enhance the safe use of lifting magnets even more, we have updated the safety instructions for our REVOLIFT lifting magnet. In order to make the instruction more comprehensive, we’ve added helpful information about materials and factors that affect the magnetic force (air gaps, rough surface, etc). Our goal here is to raise awareness of why it’s important to pay attention to certain details when using lifting magnets — understanding the physics behind it puts things into perspective.

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More Resilient Epoxide Tags

Tags on lifting magnets serve a security purpose and must be easily readable at all times (there’s lifting capacity stated on the tags alongside other important information). Once the tag becomes illegible, the magnet has to be serviced or refurbished. We use epoxide for the tags on the new REVOLIFT, as it has proven to be the most durable material in our tests. The epoxide layer protects the tag from getting scratched and otherwise damaged. As a result, epoxide tags last much longer.

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Resilience to Dust

All our lifting magnets are welded, which makes them more durable than bolted magnets. In the REVOLIFT, we’ve made the construction entirely closed in the back, increasing the REVOLIFT’s resilience to dust even more.

Colour That Stands Out

We know people don’t purchase lifting magnets because of their colour. That said, the light hues of the REVOLIFT make it visually distinguishable in a facility. More visible means safer.

Interested in our new lifting magnet? Feel free to contact us — we’ll gladly provide more details. Renting a lifting magnet is also an option in case you’d like to try it out first to see how it fits in your daily operations.