Circu EM electro-permanent circular chuck

The Circu EM magnetic chuck is designed to be installed in rotary grinders and lathes for stable clamping of rotating workpieces.... Read more

Versatile Mastermill 50 electro-permanent magnetic chuck

For milling or drilling small or large workpieces, our Mastermill 50 magnetic chuck is ideal.... Read more

The MC hand magnet

The MC hand magnet is suitable for manual handling only.... Read more

The Neomicro pallet chuck

The Neomicro pallet is a permanent fixture suitable for machining in automated plants and machining centres.... Read more

Magnetic systems

Large magnetic systems can help with lifting heavy loads.... Read more

The Neostar circular permanent magnetic chuck

Neostar is a permanent magnetic chuck with radial pole division suitable for turning and grinding round workpieces.... Read more

Neomill Compact magnetic chuck

The Neomill Compact magnetic clamping plate is suitable for milling, drilling, planing and heavy-duty grinding.... Read more

Permagrip chuck for circular grinding

The Permagrip magnetic permanent chuck has beenspecially designed for circular grinding.... Read more

Soldered laminated blocks

These laminated blocks are delivered for both circular and rectangular chucks.... Read more

Neopower pallet permanent chuck

Neopower pallet is a permanent magnetic chuck suitable for milling, grinding, and drilling, as well as thread cutting.... Read more