BM handling electromagnet

This BM lifting magnet with a lifting force of up to 5,000 kg will be useful wherever you need to lift sheet metal, blocks, castings, or burnt parts.... Read more

HD handheld demagnetizer

The HD handheld demagnetizer can demagnetize large and complex components.... Read more

Neomill Compact pallet chuck

The Neomill Compact pallet is suitable for precise clamping of workpieces in automated operations.... Read more

Summer sale - 10 % off selected product

Special summer offer - 10 % off selected products.... Read more

Maxgrip circular magnetic assistant

The Maxgrip magnetic permanent chuck is suitable for both grinding and turning.... Read more

Magbase 3D magnetic base

This Magbase 3D magnetic base is an excellent method of applying a measuring arm to a steel working table in a simple way.... Read more

Simple milling with the Neopower chuck

The Neopower is our strongest permanent magnetic chuck and has been designed for effective clamping of irregular-surfaced components.... Read more

Demagnetizing large and complex components using the TDM demagnetizer

The TDM tunnel demagnetizer is suitable for demagnetizing large components of various shapes. It has been designed for continuous operation in a production line.... Read more

Economical Circu EP circular chuck

The Circu EP electric permanent magnetic chuck is designed for circular grinding and machining.... Read more

General grinding with the Unigrip chuck

The Unigrip magnetic chuck is a universal aid which is useful for everyday clamping of medium-sized to large components for grinding.... Read more