Neostar machining chuck

The Neostar magnetic chuck is designed primarily for turning, but also for round grinding.... Read more

DM table demagnetizer

If you need to demagnetize your workpieces quickly and easily, we can offer you our DM table demagnetizer.... Read more


A special design of a radio remote-controlled handling magnet with two suspension lugs on the base.... Read more

Versatile WBM magnetic blocks

These blocks are specially made for holding tools during welding or surface treatment. They have a total of 3 clamping surfaces with different surface finishes.... Read more

Neo – a useful lifting assistant

You can use our best-selling product – Neo magnet – for lifting all ferromagnetic materials in workshops, construction sites, steel semi-finished product warehouses, when handling workpieces, tools, metal sheets and plates, metal profiles and pipes.... Read more

Case study: Vertical use of Neomill compact

Special solution of magnetic chuck Neomill.... Read more

Case study: Special Mastermill T25 for powerful milling

For powerfull milling with need for high clamping force on thin material we created chuck Mastermill with pole size 25.... Read more

Big magnetic systems

With the help of electric and electric permanent magnets, our big magnetic systems can help you lift various ferromagnetic materials.... Read more

Magnetic drilling machine for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

If you are working on a site where you are worried about drilling because sparks could cause an explosion, we have the solution for you.... Read more