MD 2050 magnetic drilling machine

The MD 2050 magnetic drilling machine is our drilling machine with the maximum performance. It has state-of-the-art electronic and mechanical settings for torque and speed.... Read more

Mastermill 50 - electro-permanent magnetic chuck suitable for milling

The Mastermill 50 magnetic chuck is suitable for milling and drilling small and large workpieces. You can machine parts from up to 5 sides with the help of additional pole extensions.... Read more

BMP battery-operated lifting magnet

This BMP battery-operated lifting magnet is an easy-to-use aid for lifting mainly circular material such as pipes, rods, profiles.... Read more

Pole extensions for Mastermill chuck

Do you own our Mastermill 50 magnetic chuck? Then we have the ideal helpers for you, fixed and adjustable pole extensions.... Read more

MD 1800 magnetic drilling machine

MD 1800 magnetic drilling machine has maximum overall performance. This magnetic drilling machine will cope with the most demanding drilling into all ferromagnetic materials thanks to the utmost safety.... Read more

Neomicro magnetic pallet chuck

This magnetic chuck with an aluminium base, which reduces the weight of the chuck, is ideal for machining in automated operations.... Read more

Fixar simple sinus table

Fixed sinus table with permanent Neomicro magnetic chuck is suitable for precise angular grinding, electric discharge machining or measurements.... Read more

Case study – Mastermill 420 x 800 with fixed pole extensions

Magnetic chuck for precise machining of components for metal production.... Read more

Rotoflux MD 1100 magnetic drilling machine

If you need to drill into iron or steel structures, parts or components, buy our MD 1100 drilling machine.... Read more

Demagnetizer for continuous TDM operation

This demagnetizer is designed for demagnetizing large cylindrical, cube-shaped or thin-walled parts.... Read more