Thyssenkrupp rothe erde is known around Europe as a producer of slewing bearings for wind turbines. At thyssenkrupp Slovakia, they have been using magnetic chucks since the 1970s when grinding workpieces. Recently, they have installed lifting magnets in their warehouses. Most of the magnets at thyssenkrupp Slovakia come from Walmag, and the company can't imagine their operation without it.

Electromagnetic chuck Circu EM in Thyssenkrupp company.  

1970s: The Onset of Magnetic Chucks

The thyssenkrupp rothe erde group employs over 6 600 people. Their Slovak facility of around 1000 employees has been improving their production with magnetic chucks since 1976 — when they purchased French CNC grinders, following the recommendation from their parent company. Those came with integrated Braillon magnetic chucks.

“Magnetic chucks were an integral part of the French machines; we didn’t purchase them individually. They served our purposes well and were very reliable. As the company grew, we needed to increase our production capacity, and along with it came the need to swap our magnetic chucks for bigger ones. We turned to Walmag because they used to be a part of the Braillon group, and we believed Walmag magnets would be of the same quality,” says Tibor Krupa — Asset, Energetics and Strategic Cooperations Manager at thyssenkrupp Slovakia.

New Magnets Increased Production Capacity

At first, thyssenkrupp used bespoke magnetic chucks from Walmag — Circu EP and Circu EM. With their 1,500 mm diameter, they were more effective than the former magnets with a 1,200 mm diameter. Installation of Walmag magnets was quick — it took only a few weeks. thyssenkrupp Slovakia now uses Walmag magnetic chucks to grind workpieces for which they used to use their bigger CNC grinder with a 2,000 mm magnet. Such a solution wasn’t ideal as it was making the powerful magnet unavailable for other larger workpieces.

But it’s not just about the high quality of Walmag magnetic chucks. thyssenkrupp Slovakia also appreciates perfect customer service and support. The company can’t afford any production stalls — with orders for slewing bearings for an entire year forward, each production stall costs the company a lot of money.

 “Naturally, we considered other suppliers when choosing our magnets. Walmag won us over with the quality of their magnets, their exceptional customer service and their location near us — we’re just a two-hour drive away,” continues Tibor Krupa.

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Lifting Magnets Becoming a Staple in Warehouses

When thyssenkrupp Slovakia decided to install lifting magnets in their warehouses, they hadn't even thought of another brand but Walmag. This is the best sign of how satisfied they are with Walmag magnets.

“When compared to mechanical clamping, my estimation is that clamping a workpiece with a magnetic chuck is quicker by 40–50%. It’s easier, safer and the workpiece never gets deformed. The only thing you have to worry about is the surface that touches the magnet — it needs to be absolutely clean and dry,” Tibor Krupa sums up.

Confirmed by thyssenkrupp — Walmag magnets last for decades. In case you’d like to try out our magnets, contact us! We can even lend you a magnet for a test run.