Company producing electric motors for turnkey projects (manufacturers of pumps, compressors, air conditioning).


Customer requirements:

Modification of STD lifting magnets for specific large loads, simplification of magnet operation (used in the company for many years).


Sample applications: 

Neo 600 - 1000 with a modified prism shape and SPC lever with safety catch in the handle:

Handling of stator packages with diameters of 350 – 620 mm. The SPC lever makes one-handed handling easier. 


Neolift 300 with SPC pole extension pieces – handling of (non-magnetic) pallets:

Using SPC shaping of the pole extension pieces, it is possible to insert the magnet into a narrow profile (while maintaining optimal holding force).

Do you have a similar problem? We would be happy to propose a solution. 


According to the handling operators, the magnets work and fulfil the tasks for which they are intended.


Reason for contacting and choosing Walmag Magnetics as a supplier:

The decisive aspects were the promptness of the offer, a good price, and the willingness to solve the request, in addition to the excellent availability in terms of service.