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Type of machining




Circu EP

Circu EP

Customer requests – application:

  • Inner diameter and face turning of rotating parts
  • Material: cast iron EN-GJL-250


Machine tool:

  • vertical lathe (carousel) 12 CNC B (man. TOS Hulín)
  • machine table: diameter 1250 mm
  • working diameter: 1 300 mm
  • working height: 700 mm
  • workpiece weight: 12 000 kg


Cutting conditions:

  • Clamping side of parts – pre-machined
  • Feed: min. 0,2 mm/rev.
  • Rotations: 70/min
  • Cutting depth: 5 mm



Due to the nature of the material (cast iron parts), we chose reinforced magnetic system (added NdFeB magnets). Top plate was executed with T-slots in order to allow additional mechanical fixing of parts. El connection was realized by means of quick coupling (bayonet) connector placed on the magnet´s body and secured by anti-leakage cap.


Použití CIrcu EP

Do you face a similar problem? We will be happy to suggest you an optimal solution. 

Použití Circu EP

Magnetic chuck – basic facts:

Application: turning
Technology: electropermanent
Holding force: 140 N/cm2
Min. workpiece dimensions: 50 x 100 x 30 mm
Pole insulation: radial
Pole pitch: 29 – 122 mm
Effective clamping range: 285 – 1000 mm
Pole insulation: brass
Installed on machine table: using an intermediate plate
Power supply: 340 VDC (in pulses)




Acc. to Mr. Urbánek, the magnetic clamping chuck´s functionality is perfectly in accordance with requirements for clamping of these parts.


Why Walmag?                            

The customer has previous very good experience with other (permanent) magnetic clamping chucks from Walmag Magnetics, as well as with the level of support from our sales representatives andservice. Walmag is the first choice for other upcoming projects.