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The aim of the project is to support the foreign cooperation of WALMAG MAGNETICS s.r.o. The promotion and promotion of products will be the result of participation on fairs that allows to increase export scope, competitiveness and demand for the company's products.


On 24 October 2013 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic decided to provide a grant for the project "Education that pulls us further along!" For WALMAG MAGNETICS s.r.o.

The project aims to give the employees more advanced specialization in making the magnets manufactured by WALMAG MAGNETICS s.r.o. This education is focused on INCREASING THE SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS of WALMAG employees engaged in making unique products, who are in contact with customers and involved in running the company. Increasing the specialization of the workers involved in the project will ENSURE THEY REMAIN A PART OF THE WALMAG ENTERPRISE, and having a specially trained staff will also increase the competitiveness of the applicant on the market.

Project: Increasing competitiveness by acquiring advanced production technology

Project no. 2.2RV03/1348

In 2012 our company acquired new technologies for the purpose of streamlining our production processes, reducing energy demand and waste. The following machinery was acquired:

  • CNC machining center TAJMAC
  • CNC lathe GOODWAY
  • Automatic band saw PEGAS

All the new machines were installed and put into service in 2012. In December 2013 our application for a 4.2 million crown grant from the program of OPPI - Development was approved

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Project: Modernizing the machinery fleet of WALMAG MAGNETICS s.r.o.

Project no.: 2.2 RV03/3245

We are continuing to renew and expand our machinery fleet. At the end of last year company management approved an investment plan to acquire new machinery:

  • Horizontal machining center
  • Horizontal - vertical milling machine

Estimated value: 11 million CZK
Dates: 1 January 2014 - 30 June 2015

This new equipment will help us make our production flow faster and smoother, thus reducing non-production times and increasing the quality of our products and shortening delivery times. This will allow us to solve problems that currently plague us from the growth in the volume of orders.

In December we applied for a grant from the subsidies program OPPI - Development.