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Lifting magnets service

Inspection and certification of lifting magnets

Like all hanging handling equipment, the lifting magnets are, of course, also subject to certain regulations and must therefore meet some specified security requirements.
For the safety of operating personnel, lifting magnets must be subjected to regular inspections and testing of lifting capacity.
For permanent lifting magnets, any inspection includes the check of overall condition of the magnet status, protection devices (against accidental shutdown), proper identification of magnets (labels), and finally the most important thing – pull-off strength.
According to the norm EN 13155, the pull-off strength by permanent lifting magnets must be equal to, at least, three times the tonnage under the conditions specified by the manufacturer. In practice, this means that, for example, Neolift 500 magnet with a maximum load of 500 kg must pass the pull-off test with result of at least 1,500kg.
For the purposes of such trials are we equipped with a service car and mobile test device , so we can carry out the testing directly at your site. This means minimal production downtimes due to repair and mandatory certification, guarantee of 100% condition of your lifting magnets for purposes of reviews and inspection aside OHS, and that all without the unnecessary costs of transportation to a service center.
After performing of all tests with positive results, we issue a certificate declaring that each magnet meets all conditions necessary for safe operation.

Repairs and renovations of lifting magnets

In case, that your magnet did not pass succesfully the mandatory annual inspection and cannot be remedied on the spot, or if you own a broken or demaged lifting magnet, we, as a manufacturer, are able to fix the magnet so that this is once again able to operate safely and also meet all safety requirements.


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