We work! We respect government regulations and have tightened measures against the spread of COVID-19. Despite this, we have ensured 100% functioning of the company. Do not hesitate to contact us. We remain as strong as our magnets!
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Direction of company development


  • We offer the new technologies of the 21st century
  • We are a dynamic company
  • We are a customer-oriented company
  • We are a stable supplier to dozens of countries around the world
  • We are constantly enlightening the world in the use of magnetic systems
  • We support nonprofit projects


  • Achieve and maintain a leading position in the market
  • Increase sales
  • Evaluate ideas and information from customers
  • Increase the quality of our products
  • Continuously innovate development and production
  • Improve all areas of the management system with emphasis placed on the quality of our products and services, occupational safety, and protecting the environment
  • Develop a creative environment for employees


  • More than 40 years of tradition in producing our own magnetic systems
  • We are building on our twenty-year history with Walker Magnetics Group
  • We are a company with a good reputation, who acts honestly
  • Everyone contributes to the success of the company
  • We are a company of capable and creative people
  • It is the responsibility of the employee that leads to team success
  • We believe in the abilities of our employees
  • We improve ourselves on our own volition
  • We support equal access to education and growth for our employees