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BMP - Lifting magnet

BMP 1800, BMP 3600
These so-called bi-polar lifting magnets with V shaped pole shoes are designed to lift both flat and round material as well as I - and H-beams, angles, channels, Tees and Profiles. Thanks to the good depth of field, these models cope very well with irregular surfaces and air gaps.


  • Heavy duty magnetic base with fully encapsulated coil
  • Powered by built-in 12 V battery
  • At least 8 hours of operation at 50% duty
  • Hand-held, IR remote control unit allows to operate the lifting magnet from up to 10 metres
  • High degree of safety (coefficient 2)
  • Controller/battery enclosure with detachable front and back panel

High degree of safety

  • Bail sensor prevents switching off the magnet while the load is being lifted
  • Dual push buttons for RELEASE
  • Visual and audible alarms indicate low battery level
  • Magnet cannot be turned „ON” if battery charge is too low
Model Flat material [kg] Round material [kg] Tested lifting capacity [kg] L x W of base [mm] Height up to crane hook [mm] Weight [kg] Built in battery [V/Ah] Type of battery
BMP 1800 1800 1100 3600 470 x 242 610 167 12V / 75 Ah FG12 - 75 D
BMP 3600 3600 2200 7200 760 x 262 610 420 12V / 75 Ah FG12 - 75 D
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