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Sheet Separators

Sheet separators for thin sheets up to 0,25 mm especially made for automatics sheet feeders to avoid double sheet feeding.The sheet separator must be higher than the stack to obtain correct separation. Add the width of the magnet to the stack height.

As we are specialist in magnetism, we are able to design and build special and extra powerful sheet separators. If you have a problem with sheet separation or separation of other steel products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

By applying the above rules to normal dry 
steel plates a sheet separator can separate 
approx. 30 dm2. Sheet area and under unfavourable circumstances, such as oil 15 dm2. The number of sheet separators required depends on whether sheet removal is mechanical or manual.

Advantages of sheet separators

  • Stable magnet pack
  • no gradual loss of magnetic power
  • no special precautions for storage
  • stainless steel cover
  • robust construction
  • high separating power yet compact dimension
  • large range of sizes
  • very simple mounting

What does a sheet separator do for you?

Our sheet separators were specially developed to permit easy and uninterrupted removal of steel sheets stacked horizontally, or vertically. No more prying apart of greasy or oily sheets. A sheet separator saves money. Sometimes compressed air is used as a sheet separator. Air is very expensive. Properly designed magnet sheet separators do the same job free from ongoing costs.

Selection of the best type and quantity depends on the following factors

  • stack height
  • flatness of the sheets
  • surface condition
  • thickness and dimensions of the sheets