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Overband magnetic separator - manual cleaning

Overband magnetic separator DND-MC with manual cleaning is used in plants with low occurrence of ferromagnetic particles, which have to be removed manually within specified time periods or simply when the magnet surface is full.

Overband magnetic separator with manual cleaning can be suspended over the belt conveyor transversally or longitudinally above the conveyor belt discharge. More powerful overband magnetic separators are required when arranged transversally, because the conveyed material remains unaffected and the material flow is not spread.

The trapped ferromagnetic particles have to be removed manually. For this purpose WALMAG MAGNETICS overband magnetic separator can be fitted with special pusher in order to remove the metallic parts more quickly, easily and effectively. Another possibility is to place the overband magnetic separator on a special rail construction. The whole overband magnetic separator can be then moved on the side and easily cleaned. The both technical solutions, rail construction and pusher, can be combined.

Overband magnetic separators are mounted at a fixed working distance from conveyor belt, however this distance could be changed with screwed bars.
The sizes of overband magnetic separator can be modified according to technical specification and requirements of the customer.

The suitable model of overband magnetic separator for your application will be suggested by our technical experts after receiving all required data.