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Magnetic sorting rod

Magnetic sorting rodis fitted with very strong NdFeB neodymium magnets and is used for checking non-ferrous metals for example metal shavings, metal chips and other nonferrous metals if they are contamined with ferrous metals. The magnetic testing rod enables to detect even the smallest metalic contaminants immediately and effortlessly.

The cleaning of the magnetic rod is very easy, simply by pulling up the handle from telescopic stainless steel body the metal particles catched will fall of themselves.
Extrastrong magnetic rod will find its application in many industrial and non-industrial sectors as a simple tool to detect ferrous metals.

Standard connection

  • Jacob
  • DN flange

The magnetic control rod is in following diameters available

  • 23 mm
  • 33 mm

The length of the magnetic part is 170 mm, the total lenght is 360 mm. Also extended version in lenght of 1100 mm available.