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Magnetic drum separator

Magnetic drum separator is widely used in applications where ferromagnetic parts from loose materials need to be separated. Magnetic drum is usually placed at the end of conveyor belt or below the machine hopper. Unlike the magnetic pulley the magnetic drum is not part of the conveyor belt. The magnetic drum can be fitted with NdFeB neodymium magnets or with ferrite magnets.

The revolving outer case of the magnetic drum which rotates around the fixed magnetic cores is made of stainless steel. All ferromagnetic particles trapped are then again released behind the axis of the drum in the lower part where the magnetic field stops to have effect and fall down into separate outlet for ferromagnetic contaminants.

The magnetic drum can also be supplied with a stainless steel casing. The installation of the magnetic drum is then much easier and the wole set can be easily fitted into existing processing line.

We supply magnetic drums in various lenghts and diameters according to customer specifications and requirements.